Truck Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

A roadworthy certificate (RWC) is essential for ensuring that vehicles on the road meet minimum safety requirements. At Star Auto Group, we have VicRoads licensed vehicle testers who specialise in providing comprehensive inspections to determine the roadworthiness of your truck. Understanding the significance of a roadworthy certificate Melbourne for legal compliance and safety, our team is committed to delivering a meticulous and transparent inspection process.

Our Roadworthy Inspection Process

Our roadworthy inspection process is thorough and efficient, designed to minimise downtime while ensuring your truck complies with all safety standards. Initially, our certified inspectors conduct a preliminary assessment to identify any potential issues. We then proceed with a detailed inspection, following a standardised checklist that aligns with regulatory requirements. Our aim is not only to assess but also to inform and guide our clients through the necessary steps to achieve roadworthiness.

What Parts and Components Do We Check?

During the inspection, we examine a wide range of parts and components critical to your truck’s safety and performance.

  • Brakes & Clutch
  • Wheel alignment & tyres
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Transmission
  • Windscreen & windows
  • Windscreen wipers & washers
  • Handbrake
  • Seatbelts
  • Vehicle structure
  • Lamps & reflectors
  • Exhaust system
  • Other safety components

What If Your Vehicle Fails the RWC Inspection?

If your truck fails the roadworthy inspection, we provide a detailed report outlining the specific areas that need attention. Our team at Star Auto Group is equipped to perform all necessary repairs and adjustments to meet the required safety standards. Once the recommended truck repairs are completed, we conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure compliance, helping you obtain your roadworthy certificate.

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Whether your truck needs a pre-inspection check-up or repairs to pass the roadworthy inspection, our team is ready to assist. Contact Star Auto Group today at 03 9366 3067 to schedule your truck’s roadworthy certificate inspection and drive with confidence, knowing your vehicle meets all safety standards.

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