Air Conditioning Servicing and Repair

As Car owners, we seldom pay attention towards servicing the air conditioning. A timely air conditioning service helps in early detection of defect that can avoid expensive repairs and inconvenience during unplanned situations.

In most cases, car air-conditioning system relates to a drop in the refrigerant due to the part failure. It is also possible that the volume of the refrigerant in its air conditioning system may drop gradually over the years. Besides, prolonged non-use of air conditioning can also cause trouble in the air conditioning.

The service for the detection of a gas leak is easy and cost effective. In most cases, replacement of small parts, refill or top up of the air conditioning system with its refrigerant is all that may be required to get your air conditioning system operating perfectly.

Our fully qualified, skilled and experienced technicians address all the air conditioning servicing and repair needs of your valuable automobiles.

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