Roadworthy Certificates Melbourne

Get your Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne, Victoria (RWC) at Star Auto Group starting from $199.

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Why Should You Have A Roadworthy Certificate For Your Vehicle?

In Victoria, a Certificate of Roadworthiness (RWC) is generally required when a vehicle is sold or if a used vehicle is to be re-registered. This helps to minimise the number of poorly maintained vehicles on the road. In some cases, Roadworthy Certificate is also required to clear a Vehicle Defect Notice or a Notice of Unworthiness.

What Does Our Roadworthy Inspection Include?

Roadworthy Vehicle Inspection is a check of the vehicle to ensure that the key components have not worn or deteriorated and that the vehicle is safe for normal road use. A roadworthy inspection mainly covers the major safety-related items, includes, but not limited to:–

  • Inspecting wheel alignment, and tyres for pressure and deterioration
  • Verifying the overall condition of steering, suspension and braking systems
  • Checking seat belts and airbag units.
  • Examining lamps and reflectors for proper illumination
  • Inspecting windscreen, and windows including front windscreen wipers and washers
  • Examining the body and chassis of the vehicle for structural damages
  • Checking mirrors, doors and other closures
  • Other safety-related items on the body, chassis or engine as per VicRoads guidelines.

After evaluating all these components, we will prepare an unbiased report on your vehicle’s condition. We will also explain you in detail about upgrades, repairs and replacements necessary to make your vehicle roadworthy. Upon your approval, our licensed mechanics work on your vehicle to ensure that it complies with the safety guidelines imposed by VicRoads.

What If Your Vehicle Fails The Roadworthy Inspection?

In the event of a failure, the RWC tester will issue a rejection report, outlining the specific items that did not meet the standards. You will have a grace period of seven days to address and repair the rejected items. After the necessary repairs have been completed, you can return your vehicle to the tester for a second inspection focused solely on the failed items. This streamlined approach allows for prompt re-evaluation without the need for a complete reinspection. However, it’s essential to note that if more than seven days elapse without the required repairs, a full RWC inspection will be necessary once again. At Star Auto Group, we are dedicated to helping you navigate this process, ensuring your vehicle meets all the necessary criteria and is back on the road safely and compliantly.

We Specialise In Truck Roadworthy Certificate Too

Securing a truck roadworthy certificate is a vital step in ensuring your vehicle is safe and compliant with legal standards for road use. At Star Auto Group, our qualified team excels in performing detailed inspections to assess the roadworthiness of your truck. Our process is designed to be thorough and transparent, meticulously examining crucial components and systems to ensure they meet the required safety criteria. Whether it’s the braking system, tyres, steering, lights, or the engine, we leave no stone unturned. In the event your truck doesn’t pass the initial inspection, we provide clear guidance and efficient repair services to address any issues, facilitating a swift path to compliance.

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Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy Certificate

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