Suspension Repairs

To prevent a faulty suspension from affecting the stability of your vehicle, we strongly recommend you to get it fixed. If you have been feeling a bit bouncy or your car tyres are showing abnormal tread wears, it might be the time for getting your suspension system inspected. At Star Auto group, we can fix broken suspension systems and get the problems sorted right away.  

When you bring your vehicle to us, our certified technicians will have a closer look at all the components and carry out necessary repairs to get your suspension system as good as new. We always use high-quality parts that match with your car’s original specifications.

Worn out or damaged suspension system can account for unsafe driving or even result in an accident. Routine inspection is the best way to encounter the problem at the earliest and correct them before they turn out to be a major issue.  

Does your vehicle’s suspension system require inspection? Call us on 03 9366 3067 to get the problem fixed quickly!

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