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Mechanic NewportLooking for a reliable car mechanic in Newport? Star Auto Group has a team of reliable mechanics who are experts in handling all kinds of car repairs. From dealing with complex mechanisms to providing exceptional car service, we take pride in offering the best car service experience possible. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major repair, we will resolve it as soon as possible and help you get back on the road in a short time. 

Car Repair Newport

At Star Auto Group, we offer a wide range of car service and they include: 

Roadworthy Certificate Newport

As a licensed vehicle tester, we perform quality roadworthy inspections to ensure that your vehicle is up to the quality standards and then issue the certificate. 

Mechanical Repairs Newport

At Star Auto Group, we execute advanced diagnostic methods to determine the repairs and fix them as soon as possible.  Whether it’s an engine fault or a transmission failure, we can resolve it all with experienced mechanics. 

Air-Con Regas Repairs Newport

Is your air conditioner working properly? If not, let it run smoothly with a re-gas and anti-bacterial clean services from us. Whether it’s a leaky indicator or a dusty filter, we clean and change the AC filters and remove the impure gas out from the system and replace it with a new refrigerant, so that your air conditioning system will work faster than ever without any blocks. 

Timing Belt Replacement Newport

Overtime, timing belts go weak and gets worn out. If it’s not been detected, it will start to give trouble during the ride and put you in unexpected breakdowns. At Star Auto Group, we offer quality timing belt replacements and ensure it matches your vehicle’s frequency. 

Other than these services, we also offer replacements for auto body parts, AC conditioning, engine and transmission service, brake and clutch repairs, battery replacements, and more. 

If you’re looking for high-quality service for your car, come to Star Auto Group. For more information, call us on 03 9366 3067 today.

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