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Mechanic Meadow HeightsStar Auto group provides premier car repair and maintenance services at affordable prices. Our highly trained mechanics have been proudly serving Meadow Heights and providing accurate diagnostics, complete repairs & exceptional customer service. From AC repair to engine overhaul, we are the one-stop shop for all your automotive repair needs.

 Car Repairs Meadow Height

Whether you own a Honda or an Audi, vehicles run into problem every now and then. Fixing it right will help protecting your investment and prevent further problems from arising. Star Auto Group is capable of providing the most efficient car repairs and servicing for vehicles of all makes and models

Roadworthy Certificate Meadow Height

The roadworthy test is proposed to make sure that the vehicle is suitable for the roads as per the safety guidelines set out by VicRoads. If you want to check whether your vehicle is roadworthy or not, stop by Star Auto Group for roadworthy inspection. Our team of licensed vehicle testers will check all the key components of your vehicle and issue the certificate if it is up to the expected safety standard.

Auto Maintenance & Service

Today’s vehicles are built to last if they are maintained property. Following the manufacturer recommended scheduled maintenance service will help preventing major damages and costly repairs. We have a thorough understanding of the automotive systems and how driving conditions affect their efficiency over time. With this knowledge, we monitor the important components and recommend the right services to avoid expensive repairs.

One-Stop Auto Repair Shop

Our areas of expertise range from brake jobs to more complicated engine and transmission rebuilding. We also repair all makes and models of cars, SUVs and trunks of domestic, foreign and hybrid vehicles.

Our computer diagnostic services are intended for identifying car problems before they cause major damage to your vehicle. We diligently check and monitor each and every component of your vehicle and provide necessary repairs to alleviate existing and future problems.

We combine advanced technology with our experience to provide top quality repairs to our customers. With proper training and tools, we provide you with complete diagnostic services and recommend the best options for your vehicle.

Our specialties:

  • Well-established auto repair shop
  • Certified automobile technicians
  • Advanced vehicle diagnostic services
  • Well-equipped auto repair facility
  • Comprehensive automotive repair and maintenance service
  • Authentic car service at affordable price
  • Client lounge, refreshment bar and mini workstation

So, the next time you need auto repairs in Meadow Heights, think of Star Auto Group. Give us a call on 03 9366 3067 to schedule an appointment today.

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Our Facilities

We Aim to make your Experience nothing but “Awesome”

  • A ‘client lounge’ where you can relax while we attend to your car
  • ‘Refreshment bar’ where you can enjoy beverages
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