Star Auto Group Franchising

As a part of our service to the community we are offering franchisee to young people especially new migrants if they have a strong desire and possess strong determination and attitude to own and run their own Auto Workshop for light vehicles (cars and vans) and heavy vehicles (Trucks) but needs knowhow in terms of setting up and running their Auto Workshop.  

If you fulfil our criteria, we can provide the required platform & incentives to make you succeed in your enterprise with our hassle-free support. 

We have a few franchisee models to offer you considering you meet the criteria for the chosen model that suit your requirement.

Auto Market Has A Great Future

With millions of motor vehicles in Australia, the auto industry market is a multi-billion dollar industry and one which even kept growing during the COVID-19 pandemic. What are you waiting for? The opportunity is at your door in this ever-growing market. All you need is to take up the franchisee with Star Auto Group Pty Ltd.

Star Auto Group’s Vision

Star Auto Group is a relatively young business with a trusted name in the auto industry. We have state of the art equipment, experienced and dedicated staff and commitment to serve the community by providing trustworthy service while attending to their motor vehicles besides, by offering tailor-made franchise model to our valued franchisee. As a franchisee, you would have the access to excellent training, upskilling for your staff to have a competitive edge in the auto industry.

Our Franchise Models to Choose From. 

This model is most suitable for people working as auto mechanics or owning an auto fleet.

A first-generation migrant with experience as auto mechanic or fleet operator is provided waiver of $10,000 from our franchise fee.

This model is basically to cater for auto workshop dealing with cars and vans etc.

Fund required:

The requirement of funds is based on the franchise model and auto workshop size/location. However, in limited cases, we may lease the workshop equipment to the franchisee.  But minimum capital of $40,000 is required to start with your franchise.  

Skills Required:

  • IT Basic skills
  • LLN to meet documentation, inventory, HR & accounts management
  • Basic understanding in automotive servicing
  • Good skills in customer service
  • Willing to invest time in learning the latest industry skills 

Our support includes but not limited to the following:

  • Finding a suitable location
  • Leasing advice
  • Selection and purchase of equipment
  • Setting up of workshop including installation of equipment
  • Individual Training for Manger and mechanics
  • Upskilling of Franchisee staff
  • Technical support during operating hours
  • Training under exchange programme
  • IT and CMS software support
  • Aggressive marketing through a dedicated team using social media and digital marketing etc
  • Purchase of tyres, oil and spares at concessional rates

Our expectations from our franchisee:

  • To follow Star Auto work culture in OH&S rules
  • Insure high level of customer friendly service
  • Provide best technical service adhering to our rates
  • Use similar quality spares and oils
  • Maintain client database 
  • Follow HR rules
  • Follow robust dispute resolution system

The success mantra for franchisee:

Your dedication and sincerity towards your business is directly related to your success. There is a saying, “ your attitude determine your altitude”. Father your business the way you father your only child and you would always succeed.

Research shows more franchise business survive after 5 years than independently operated businesses.

In the end, Star Auto Group will always be there to support you to achieve new heights.

Franchising enquiries

All over Australia for metro, regional areas.

Please contact

Lt Col Retd Bikkar Singh BRAR