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Auto Electrical Services

What Are The Most Common Car Electrical Problems?

Car electrical problems have become less common these days, but they are extremely tedious to identify than most of the mechanical problems. So, it is extremely crucial to rely on the experts to diagnose the problem and get the best solution for it. The complex nature of electrical problems requires advanced electrical diagnostic equipment that can access the data stored on your vehicle’s computer. This data can be used to pinpoint the exact problem and the ways to fix it.

The electrical system is comprised of a number of components including the battery, battery cables, starter, alternator and computer system. If there is a problem with any of these components, it would affect the vehicle’s operation. Here are some of the most common electrical problems that you might deal with your car.


A flat or dead battery is one of the most common electrical problems that you may face with your car. If your car has no power and fails to start, the very first thing to check is the battery. You can confirm this by turning the headlights on. When there is a problem with the battery, the lights won’t glow at all or are very dim. If you hear a slight click, but the engine doesn’t start, it means that the battery is faulty. If nothing happens when you turn on your key, it indicates that the battery is dead.


The alternator plays an integral role in charging the battery when the car is running. It helps in distributing the power from the engine to the radio and headlights. When the lights on your dashboard dim or flicker, then it represents that the alternator or alternator belt is faulty or damaged. 


Problems with starter can be diagnosed easily. As the starter manages to start the car, you will not hear the click noise. If you notice it when attempting to start the engine, then you will have to repair or replace the starter immediately.

Loose spark plugs, loose wires, blown fuses, electrical short and ignition issues are other electrical problems that might deal with a car. In such cases, you can bring your vehicle to Star Auto Group, a leading car repair shop offering a wide range of services including mechanical repairs, engine rebuilds, panel beating, air conditioning repairs, wheel alignment and much more. To know more about out services and schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us at 03 9366 3067.

What to Choose your Car Mechanic?

Finding a good car repair facility can be overwhelming, but it’s much more important to choose expert mechanics that you feel ease to work with. Here is a checklist of what vehicle owners should look for when they need a reliable car repair workshop.


The mechanics should have a high level of competence in providing car service. They must be certified and have a fair amount of experience working on similar cars. The staff must be in a position to answer all of your queries quickly and courteously. You must also give consideration to their labor rates, payment methods, quality of their diagnostic and testing work, guarantees and other crucial aspects before entrusting your vehicle.  

Specialized Service:

Look for a car repair service that is specialized in the brand of your car. They must have all the latest equipment and tools to fix your vehicle quickly and safely. Whether you need a manufacturer scheduled log book service or a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle, the auto shop you choose should be able to meet your needs efficiently.


The auto repair facility should offer you a solid guarantee on their services, so that you are confident every time you drive. Find out whether the repair shop has a specialist to deal with complex repairs such as engine & transmission repair, brakes & clutches repair and so on. You can call some of their past customers and inquire about their service quality. The reputation of the mechanic reflects on the effectiveness of the service.

Added services:

We all love One-stop solutions. Choosing an auto repair shop that could give extra services is an added advantage. Shops that can provide services such as car battery, car audio installation, car detailing, upholstery and other things can give major advantage to car owners. These types of car repair shops could serve as a one-stop shop and cater to all your automotive needs.

Written Estimates:

One of the most important parameters, before you pay for these services, you must get a written estimate for the parts and labor. The experts should take you to every step of the repair process and seek your information before making any additional repair. When it comes to replacements, make sure that they install original, high quality parts on your car.

Star Auto Group has been providing car repair, panel beating & smash repair services to vehicle owners from all over Victoria. We do everything to ensure longer life to your vehicle, more savings and the confidence to drive, each time!

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Most Common Car Repair Problems That Demand Taking Your Vehicle to an Auto Repair Center

Your car gives you the ability to get around at your own pace, but more than that you are responsible for keeping it in good condition. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, the problem should be diagnosed and fixed to prevent the risk of injury or collision. When big problems occur, the signs are quite obvious and can be detected easily. However, there are some subtler problems that can be tricky to detect even for seasoned professionals.

If you own a car, try to know common repair problems as it will give you more insight into what is wrong with your vehicle and when to take it to a car repair professional.

Most Common Car Repair Problems:

Brake works:

Brake systems are more susceptible to general wear and tear and can have a number of problems that should be addressed on time. Routine car service and maintenance will help detecting problems relating to the disc, drum and rotor of the system.


Car tyres will deteriorate over time and get damaged by sharp objects on the road. When it comes to tyre repair and replacement, it should be done based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. So, you have no other option than taking your vehicle to a professional car service company.


No car battery will last forever, but this doesn’t mean that you need to replace it every year. Regular maintenance will help prolong your vehicle battery life and keep all the components in superior condition. Having a technician to inspect and diagnose your car battery will help making a better decision.

Electrical Services:

Interior lights, power windows, turn signals, windshield wipers, radio & clock and other components are powered by your vehicles electrical system. If you experience any problem with these parts, it is probably a good idea to get electrical service from a trained professional.  

Auto Parts Replacement:

Whether it is a car battery, windshield wiper, spark plugs or braking system, the auto parts should be in top condition for a safe and comfortable ride. If something get deteriorate, it should be replaced before it turns out to be a big issue.

Air conditioning repair:

Air conditioner leak is one the most common car problems that require immediate attention. No one likes to sweat or freeze on their way to home because of an anti-freeze leak or a faulty compressor. Though you can’t prevent these issues, immediate air conditioner repair can avert serious damages.

Wheel alignment:

Improper wheel alignment affects how your car handles and even will have a negative impact on mileage and tyre tread.

Mechanical repairs:

A car is comprised of a number of crucial parts like suspension system, transmission system, engine, cooling system, etc. All these components should be in good condition to ensure a safe ride. If you suspect that any of these parts does not play its role, you can take your vehicle to an auto repair shop for mechanical repairs.

At Star Auto Group, we handle all sorts of automotive problems and complete the repairs promptly and effectively. All our technicians are highly qualified and have the experience to provide a wide gamut of services like logbook service, Roadworthy Certificate, electrical & mechanical repairs, auto parts replacement and much more. Contact Star Auto Group to avoid letting a small problem turning into a major one!